• What’s Behind the Curtain? How to Break into Décor Printing

    What’s Behind the Curtain? How to Break into Décor Printing PART 1: What’s Behind the Curtain? How to Break into Décor Printing. PART 2: Home Decor Discussion for Artists (TBA) THINKTOINK PRESS RELEASE APRIL 15, 2024 Illustrator and designer Cherish Flieder will join Richard Romano and Debbie Nicholson for Wednesday’s Webinar “What’s Behind the Curtain? […]

  • Wall Covering Art Challenge

    In this challenge, we encouraged the ArtLicensingShow.com Portfolio artists to image their work for very large format applications! Guided by a series of expert lectures (which you can re-watch here), hundreds of artists gained unique insight and training on how the print industry meets the creative industry to provide extraordinary solutions for our large private and public […]

  • Angela Davis ~ Art Licensing through the Agent Lens

    Happy New Year from the Art Licensing Show! We are happy to bring you another Limelight Licensor feature article! We have a plethora of talented folks in the ArtLicenisngShow.com (ALSC) community and we are honored to introduce you today to an agent that represents many accomplished art licensing professionals. Today we spoke with art licensing agent Angela Sauro Davis. She has a background in publishing […]

  • Sarah & Ruby Design Studio

    Sarah & Ruby Design Studio is a San Francisco Bay Area company run by—you guessed it— Sarah (Schwartz) and Ruby (Geisler). We are passionate about home interiors and how color and pattern can really give life and character to a room. We love to design patterns for fabrics, wallpaper, tile, and rugs. Our designs reflect […]