It seems like the current COVID-19 pandemic happened overnight and it turned our entire world upside down. So many people are under shelter-in-place and lock-down areas, all of us are told to stay 6′ apart from other humans to keep the virus from spreading.

This lands us all in a world that we are not used to, one without human contact. We have so much to be grateful for—in addition to the amazing health and essential business on the frontlines for us every day, we have access to modern technology that allows us to connect virtually through social media and all forms of video conferencing.

As artists and creators, there is a lot we can do to help bridge the distance between hearts and homes in this new time-period where we can’t gather socially. One way is through creating art that connects, uplifts, and encourages.

We have been meeting with our friends over at the Greeting Card Association and we are joining together to offer a challenge for all the artists out there. This new challenge is not just limited to members of either association. We want to open up this opportunity to all the creators out there making art that connects us all.


ART: Any kind or message, focused on the text, but include art as well. Art does not have to be new, but it does have to fit the greeting card theme.

THEME: The theme is BRIDGING THE DISTANCE. Anything you would send to a friend to encourage them as they shelter-in-place and carry on with life. (i.e. We are all in this together. Thinking of You. Sending Virtual Hugs. Etc…). We want to encourage people to send greeting cards to stay in touch.

SIZE: Create art so it looks good in a vertical Instagram Story context as well as cropped into a square in case it gets chosen for the feed or gallery. Recommended size is a 4:5 ratio - 1080 x 1350px.

CREDIT: Put your name on the piece somewhere so people can easily tag you. Don’t make it so big that it takes over the piece.




SHARE: Post on Instagram and share your POST to your STORY. On both the POST and STORY be sure to TAG #bridgingthedistance @usagca and @artlicensingshow — When you TAG each account it’s easier for the judges to see your art and increases your odds of being reshared.


UPLOAD: Upload to (If you don’t have an account, you can create a FREE listing here and then upload your art to be considered for the gallery). Name your file with your username so we can link back to your profile if your art is selected for the TOP ART gallery.



DEADLINE: Ongoing for during COVID-19 2020 (currently accepting art through July). Art will be reviewed every week and TOP selections will be added to the GALLERY and shared on social media at some point during the campaign.

LIMIT: There is no limit to the number of pieces you can submit. There are no fees to participate.

PERMISSIONS: When you submit, you are giving, Greeting Card Association permission to share your artwork with their networks. You maintain your copyrights and are encouraged to license it directly on your own terms, we do not serve as agents.

OUTCOME: Judges at the Greeting Card Association and will select art to be featured on social media each week. TOP ART picks each week (it may be the same or different art as selected for social media) will be added to a gallery on where it can be seen by all of the art directors logging in to review art for licensing.


THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! We can’t wait to see your art!

Bridging The Distance Art Challenge



10 responses to Bridging The Distance Art Challenge

  1. When is the next challenge?

  2. Hi, great idea Are you still accepting artwork submission for this challenge?

  3. this sounds so FUN!!! Thanks so much, Cherish!!!

  4. This is so much fun! I have a question. If I want to replace a card I already uploaded, because I want to post a better version, can I do that?

  5. This is a WONDERFUL Challenge!

  6. Is there an upload link? OR just upload to our portfolios :-D

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