Art Licensing Show Community Members

Dear Art Licensing Community,

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy this collection of art from the Portfolio Artists of the We are all excited to share this presentation with you.

This selection of art is a reflection of our members’ response to the current trending themes as well evergreen themes that are always desired in the art licensing market.

Art Directors, as you browse the pages, feel free to click any image-link to be directed to the artist’s page on ALSC where you can view further works by that artist.

We received HUNDREDS of submissions from a multitude of our talented artists. The trends team went through all of the pieces and tried to include as much as we could into our various themes. You can go to the “Trends” group on the® to download the link.

As always, reach out directly to the artist/agent to arrange licensing permissions. 

Thank you for being a valuable member of our ALSC community!

Cherish Flieder and the ALSC Trends Team


Trends-Friends-Vol-1-Sq-Graphics-2 Trends-Friends-Vol-1-Sq-Graphics-3 Trends-Friends-Vol-1-Sq-Graphics-4Trends-Friends-Vol-1-Sq-Graphics-download

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