Coffee with Ronnie Video Interview with Cherish Flieder of Art Licensing Show

by Cherish Flieder

Wow! It has been a busy year so far and it feels like it’s just speeding up! As I always say, the artists in art licensing are the busiest artists I know! There are SO many demands on our time–including fulfilling requests, making new collections, getting ready for shows, staying on top of the business stuff, staying top of social media, staying on top of trends, and reaching out to new potential clients. Plus life is also filled with the non-art stuff–feed your family, see your friends, take some time for yourself and all those other important and unscheduled life events!

It’s a lot and so many of you do it all so well. However, if you feel overwhelmed at all (and you are in GOOD COMPANY) you should check out this special interview I recently did with our beloved artist friend, coach, and art licensing class-act comedian, Ronnie Walter! We actually talk about this exact topic.

How in the world do you get everything done? Or at least manage what you do?

We both hope you will find our conversation helpful and perhaps a little entertaining. XOXO



Cherish Flieder—Licensed Artist and Industry Champion

If you’ve been looking into licensing your art for more than five minutes, you know who Cherish Flieder is—and does she ever have some great ideas on managing multiple projects while taking care of yourself (apparently that’s not impossible)!

Debi Sementelli—Lettering Artist and Font Designer

Debi Sementelli is an amazing lettering artist and noted font designer (also my besty)! Debi not only gives us insight into the biz part of fonts and lettering but some amazing insight into how to transition from one part of your life to the next while staying true to who you are.

Abby Zweifel—Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator

Despite wonky internet and my “I’m almost over my laryngitis” voice, this interview with Abby Zweifel of Pomelo & Pomelo is chock-full of information especially for pattern designers and illustrators. Abby gives us a peek into what works for her and how she stays inspired.

Martha Collins—Licensed Artist and Teacher

Martha Collins is not only an incredible artist and teacher, she’s also a “tell-it-like-it-is” supporter of artists who want to be in the biz for the long haul. She has some great advice for newbies as well as reminders to the more seasoned artists in the crowd. And did I mention she’s a hoot?

Annie LaPoint—Painter and Licensed Artist

Annie LaPoint is one of God’s happiest people and she bubbles over talking about her journey from mom to artist and how she stayed true to her vision and purpose all along the way. Wonderful tips too!

BJ Lantz—Designer and Licensed Illustrator

BJ Lantz has been there—and back—so she knows a thing or two about adapting to market changes and following your passion. With tons of successful licensed art collections to her name, she brings lots of knowledge and perspective about how to stay relevant with your work

2 responses to Coffee with Ronnie Video Interviews

  1. I love this talk I’ve just watched it for the 3rd time (I know but it’s just so cozy and I feel included)
    I’m now at the art licensing show thanks to this!
    I’m so glad I saw this thank you both for a great talk.

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