It’s the ALSC 2017 NEW YEAR : : : NEW COLLECTION Art Challenge!

We thought we would start off the 2017 New Year by asking our members to show us their NEW Art and NEW Collections. As this challenge came together, we decided to promote all of the new collections directly to the Art Directors and Manufacturers on our contact list. So we requested that the art fit the dimensions for viewing on an iPad. We set up a private page for Art Directors and Manufacturers to view the art privately and to download a Zip file with all of the collections that were submitted! We had over 70 submissions from ALSC members! That’s a lot of ART and lots of new collections to select from! Thank you to all of the ALSC members who participated. We know this was a little “challenging” for some members. But you DID IT! Congrats to you!

Now you can see all of the beautiful NEW ART COLLECTIONS our ALSC members submitted to the challenge below. Best of luck to our members on getting this beautiful art licensed!

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Francesca Tesoriere

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Susanne Kasielke

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Jane Maday

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Sally Springer

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Molly Robbins

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Kat Ford, Corpirate

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Gioia Albano

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Jeanne Rollison

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Joan Beiriger

13 responses to 2017 NEW YEAR : : : NEW COLLECTIONS – ALSC Art Challenge!

  1. Wonderful range of artwork and so much talent, you’re all amazing. Best of luck :-))

  2. Everyone’s work is so beautiful! Thank you Cherish and Valerie for this opportunity.

  3. we did good!

  4. Wow! Its beautiful work!!

  5. Beautiful collections and congratulations on your #2 year ALSC!

  6. These are gorgeous! Congratulations to so many amazing artists.

  7. A very impressive display of collections! Great work everyone!

  8. So lovely collections! Thank you Cherish and Valerie for all your effort!

  9. Beautiful work!

  10. YAY!!! Everything looks so lovely and READY for some amazing products!!! Thank YOU Cherish, and Valerie, for pulling this altogether . . . looks GREAT!!! SO MUCH TALENT on ALSC!!! HUGS . . .

  11. Really beautiful work everyone! Thanks so much for participating! Happy Spring!

  12. WOW!!!! I am so honored to be in such great company with the most amazing artists represented here. Everything is beautiful. Thank you Valerie and Cherish for this awesome opportunity.

  13. WOWZA! What an amazing group of artists!

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