And the winner is…!

Congratulations to our face mask challenge winners! After great deliberation during the blind judging process, our independent juror Luana Rubin from eQuilter has made her selections.

Hear her reasoning below:

“I am looking at the online facemasks and making my very subjective choices. However, we have been selling facemasks for the last few months so I have an idea of what is selling best – i.e. the most successful designs. Because these were designed before the holiday season, I am choosing at least one for the holiday season. I have picked out 8 designs that could be produced and I believe would sell. The themes that seem to sell best are smaller scale florals, trendy motifs, and motifs that make you smile. [The] ‘Emoji Faces [is] very clever because it is expressing a wide variety of facial expressions and emotions, which the required masks have covered up this year.” “

In order, the winners are:

1st – Emoji Faces, by Benjamin Hummel

2nd – Sunshine Smile, by Kristi Caterson

3rd – Tis the Season (on Black), by Kathleen Francour

4th – Geometric Safari, by Jill Craig

5th – She Sells Seashells, by Sandy Laipply

6th – Bright Butterflies, by Lisa Peruchini

7th – Orchid Garden, by Janet Broxon

8th – Go Bananas, by Luanne Marten

A big thank you for all who participated. You made this challenge unique and fun. Stay tuned for opportunities with upcoming challenges in the Art Challenges group.



Luana Rubin is the founder and fabric buyer for eQuilter.com. She sees thousands of designs come through her sights and has an eye on the trends and what is selling now. Recently she generously critiqued art portfolios from the art licensing community and shared her insights on what makes a great seller, what can be improved upon, and what is missing in the marketplace!

Catch the replays for a limited time here!


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Luanne Marten – Plumber


3 responses to Art Licensing Show – Face Mask Challenge

  1. So many marvelous designs!

  2. Such great work submitted! Congratulations, Ben! And thank you, Luana!

  3. BIG CONGRATS to the winners! Love everyone designs!

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