Art Licensing Show - Calling All Industry Creatives: Art Directors, Artists, Designers, Agents, Manufacturers, Illustrators & Photographers!

Cherish Flieder, founder of the LinkedIn ArtofLicensing.com 12K+ member group, is pioneering an exciting way for those sourcing art and those creating art to connect outside of trade shows.

Provide or discover fresh imagery via ArtLicensingShow.com. Say “goodbye” to time-consuming individual presentations and multiple password-protected sites. Say “hello” to the virtual 24 / 7 / 365  ArtLicensingShow.com, a centralized, professional resource and social networking site for industry creatives. Licensors can network with potential licensees while maintaining complete control of their work. With one single login, licensees can find new resources for their upcoming product development needs quickly and easily.

How it works:

Artists/agents/licensors pay a small fee to host their IP on ArtLicensingShow.com. They upload images and select representative samples for their ‘public’ profile that anyone sourcing art can view. Features of the site include: search by categorization (i.e. artist / technique / subject matter / occasion), tracking system for favorite artists and images, and special interest groups (i.e. greeting cards / home décor). When art directors like a style, they can request permission to view more work. Licensors can choose who sees individual images, collections or entire portfolios — ensuring that every art director will have a unique viewing experience! Join our fast growing community — it’s the premiere event of the year. ‘See’ you on-line at the show! Learn more at: RedCarpet.ArtLicensingShow.com  Art Licensing Show

6 responses to Calling All Industry Creatives: Art Directors, Artists, Designers, Agents, Manufacturers, Illustrators & Photographers!

  1. Hi, I have a question about digital tools including Photoshop and Illustrator. To create designs, do I need latest version of Creative Cloud? Or may I use older version of softwares, like CS5, CS6 and/or other older digital tools to create my designs?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kanae. You can create artwork in any method or software you need to. If you are using older software, don’t worry, generally, newer versions can still open those native files.

  2. HI, How do I sign up please? I am a surface pattern designer and am looking for an Agent. Many Thanks, Zara

  3. An amazing site created by an amazing person!!!

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