Lisa Peruchini - Ganz - Art Licensing Show Success Story

For artists who are looking to license their art and designs, getting a deal with a national gift company could almost be considered the “holy grail” of art licensing. So when we heard that one of our very own (ALSC) members got one of these deals with the national social expressions company GANZ — exclusively through the ALSC website — we couldn’t wait to hear more!

Everybody’s Angel™, an angel for everyone, by Lisa Peruchini, launched this past May 2016 and according to Arlene Slater, VP of Product Development at GANZ, “the line is already a success and selling well!”

That is exciting news for an artist who has been in the giftware industry and art licensing business for over 30 years. Lisa started out as an in-house production artist with Papel Giftware, a Los Angeles gift company. After having children and transitioning to freelance, she did a variety of work to stay connected to art, even working in a gift shop at one point so she could be near designs and stay inspired.

The inspiration came after the national trauma of the 9/11 attacks when Americans and the world were doing some soul searching after such a heinous event.

“I started to think about comforting artwork and so I did portraits of Jesus with loved ones who had passed on and then some whimsical angels. All of my aunts had a “kitchen witch” hanging in their kitchens. I had even received one as a wedding gift. It spurred the idea of an angel instead of a witch with an accompanying verse of blessing. Once I made the connection between the angel and the verse, the ideas just started flowing! I thought of a yard sale angel, volunteer angel, traffic angel, dog lover’s angel, on and on until I had 50 titles and verses.”

Lisa initially licensed the angel line with a giftware company called Figi who developed the angels on a large assortment of products from mugs to frames. Unfortunately, the company closed after 34 years in business, and well, so did Lisa’s angel line.

Lisa Peruchini - Ganz - Art Licensing Show Success Story

Though after this first licensing success, Lisa was motivated to promote herself and her art in the trade show arena and exhibited at Surtex twice, once at Craft and Hobby Association’s License & Design Section, and multiple times at the Licensing Expo through representation. In addition to exhibiting at trade shows, Lisa started printing the angel designs herself and selling them at art shows and craft fairs with some small success. Over the years, Lisa kept busy with freelance giftware projects, graphic design work, fine art portraits and even a few in-house design positions.

It wasn’t until 2014 that Lisa started to hear the buzz about the and this new website for artists who wanted to license their work. A place where they would be able to connect with Art Directors and Manufacturers and share their protected art portfolios the way they wanted.

“This sounded like just what I was looking for! I said goodbye to all the trade shows that I did and made minimal profit on. The Art Licensing Show would be the place where I would market my art. I signed up when ALSC launched in March 2015. After creating my profile and uploading my art collections, I invited every Art Director and Product Manager I knew to register on the site. I told them it was a great way to view my art and that I would be using this platform exclusively if they wanted to purchase or license my work.

One of those contacts was from GANZ and she contacted me within two weeks saying they had an interest in my Angel series. It was so exciting! They chose 24 of the 50 angels and developed them into figurines that will be on retail shelves worldwide this Fall 2016. I got my first look at the collection just a few weeks ago at the GANZ showroom in Atlanta. This is truly a miracle for me and my Angels. And if it wasn’t for ALSC, I’m not sure it would’ve happened. I want to say, just never give up and never stop believing in your creations and amazing things can happen.”

The future for Everybody’s Angel™ gift line looks very bright indeed with more designs being developed and produced by GANZ for 2017. This is a licensing story full of inspiration and persistence. And believing in the dreams you have for your art and it’s place in the world — where it can touch people’s hearts and really make a difference. Thank you Lisa for sharing your story and exciting news with us at! We could not be happier for you and wish you much more licensing success through our website.

Lisa Peruchini - Ganz - Art Licensing Show Success Story

About Lisa Peruchini:

Lisa Peruchini is an illustrator/designer with a solid background in the giftware, print and textile industry for over 28 years. She thrives on creativity, design and color. Her art can be seen on garden flags, mail wraps, giftware, greeting cards, and home decor products. Though Lisa is hearing impaired, it’s never stopped her from creating art or communicating with her clients and licensees. To see more of Lisa’s work, visit her website at or request access to her complete portfolio on the ArtLicensingShow.


About GANZ:

GANZ has been a leader in providing outstanding gifts worldwide for over 60 years. GANZ takes pride in offering some of the best gifts in the world – giftware, fashion accessories, top-trending décor, baby fashion and huggable plush, garden, holiday and finishing touches for the home. GANZ created Webkinz® pets and Webkinz World™, the first web-enabled toy and kids’ virtual world. GANZ is located in Toronto, Canada; GANZ U.S.A. LLC has offices in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. You can view their products online at


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  1. Brava Lisa , your angels are such a great message of love for the world !

  2. Congratulations! Very inspiring :)

  3. Love a success story and this certainly fits the bill. Congratulation Lisa and Ganz. I hope you have a beautiful and lasting relationship. :-)

  4. Awesome job my cousin! Lisa Peruchini, you make me proud, all that hard work is paying off. David Rogers Love you.

  5. Wonderful to hear and such lovely art!

  6. Congratulations Lisa and Ganz! I’m so excited to share the joy of your new partnership :)
    Lisa, love the angel & blessing verse idea! So many people will be encouraged and inspired as a result of your vision and persistence to continue actively pursuing your dream.

  7. Great story, she deserves every success!

  8. Gosh, look at you how awesome is this. Congratulations! Love it!

  9. Miracles do happen and couldn’t happen to someone more deserving. May Angels be always with you…. HUGS…

  10. Truly couldn’t happen to a nicer, sweeter person – Lisa is a phenomenal artist, a wonderfully creative soul and I love her to pieces. This is extraordinarily beautiful to read and she’s earned this a dozen times over. You go, girlfriend!

  11. What a great story. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Yay!! Lisa! I am so happy for you!! Way to go!

  13. Congratulations!

  14. CONGRATS Lisa, on your amazing ANGEL line!!! . . . it’s so WONDERFUL that you shared your story, with ALL of us!!! Best wishes!!!

  15. Wonderful news…great story, thanks for sharing!

  16. Awesome! BIG congrats to both Lisa & Ganz :-D

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