There were a lot of good vibes and trend information that came out of the Atlanta International Gift Home Furnishings Market last month. JJ Galloway, who runs the Trends group on the Art Licensing Show, has been posting regularly about the trends she has been seeing during her own trade show travels so far this season. Here’s what JJ had to say about Animal trends, Urban Jungle and Tropicals.


Animals are such trendsetters!

What’s the new popular animal? Certainly, right now the hedgehog is hot, hot, hot! But the hedgehog is already on the shelves, so what’s next?

There are certain animals that are continuously popular and always will be. Consider the rooster, a hen, a fox, or a horse. I have a friend who is a CEO of a leading retailer who said when in doubt put fox on it and it will sell. He’s right. I think owls fall into this category too.

For Fall/Winter 17 trend forecasters were predicting Woodland as out and Urban Jungle coming in and will be hanging around for a little while.

So what does that mean? Think about what we’ve been seeing in the trends as a whole. We’re seeing the buyer as a person who is more organically oriented, interested in adventures for a vacation, interested in gardening on their city balcony and eating healthy homegrown foods. We’re seeing the desire for custom everything. Colors have been very neutral…browns, slates, beige, and now green!

With all that in mind here’s what I’ve been noticing on the animal front, I’m seeing a lot of domestic cats. I’m seeing a lot of monkeys. I’m seeing a lot of butterflies. I’m amazed but I’m still seeing a lot of antlers. I think pugs are on their way out and maybe bloodhounds are popping up. Also, wolves have been talked about at the trend show. Look for more information in the Trends Group on the animal front in a few weeks when the Spring/Summer 18 books come out.


Another trend to watch for this summer is ”Tropicals”. Think about big solid colors, especially greens and palms, palms, palms. I’ve heard the trend called French Riviera. It reminds me of decor for a Florida home. Tropicals are showing up in the home decor, gift and even the teen markets. And no sooner did I post this information in the Art Licensing Show Trends Group — when I got an update from WSGN that says we are moving off palms and pineapples from 2016 and into cactus! Here’s a quote from their post.

”And the new palm? The cactus – start gathering cacti of all sizes, from totemic to ornate, from lighting to decor and bedding. And they make for awesome and instagrammable alternative Christmas trees, as well.” – WGSN


The Tropical trend seems to be morphing into the newer spinoff which is an eclectic style called Urban Jungle. A mix of rich plants that are more than tropicals but also includes house plants with contemporary graphics mixed in as well. For some more visuals on the Urban Jungle trend, check out the blog Urban Jungle Bloggers. And check out the… Urban Jungle trend board in the group HERE!

Thanks very much JJ Galloway for of this great information and for your perspective on these newest trends!

A few more trends to mention showing up in Atlanta were: Words and Sayings, Mermaids, State Pride, Coastal, different color schemes for Christmas that include the new Pantone Color of the Year, “Greenery. ALSC member Joan Beiriger wrote an extensive recap of her experience at the Atlanta Gift Market. Read more of Joan’s Atlanta Market Trends HERE!


What are your thoughts on the Pantone Color of the Year — “Greenery” and some of these new trends showing up in the market? Please post your thoughts and comments below. And if there is a trend you’ve spotted, we’d love to hear about it. Let’s keep the trend discussion going!

All images used for this trend report are for editorial and educational purposes only.

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    JJ…. Great information, and thoughts. Love hearing what you’re seeing and what you’re thinking. I know you are right on point for sure with some of the trends. I’m seeing them in our current markets. THANKS!!!

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