Art Licensing Show - 1st Year Anniversary!

 WOW, what a year it has been! Congratulations to all of you who’ve made this milestone possible! Hats off to YOU!


So now it’s time to have a little party, because you have earned it!


1 ) Virtual Meet & Greet


Check out the new Home Page Gallery so you can start networking.

Virtually meet and greet one another in the “All Members” group. Share your art and video introductions.

Everyone in the industry is welcome to have a free business listing, so invite a licensing friend to join the festivities.


2 ) Drawing for Presents


What is a birthday party without gifts? We have a very special package planned for our new and renewed members!
Any member who RENEWS, adds a year to their subscription, or JOINS for the very first time as a subscription member between 1.1.16 though 4.22.16 will be eligible for this BONUS package.


One lucky winner drawn at random will receive…
—-GIFT of ONE EXTRA YEAR added to your current subscription level ($219 – $1,000+ value!)
—-A feature as a LIMELIGHT artist on the blog (Priceless!)
—-Three 45 min Marketing Strategy sessions with ALSC founder and art marketing coach Cherish Flieder ($215 value)


The winner will be announced on April 25th on the blog with a snapshot of their profile page. So, just in case it’s you, get your art uploaded and feature those collections!


3 ) Celebration Art Link-Up

 Did you know the greeting card business here in the U.S.A. alone does between $7-8 billion dollars a year according to That’s a lot of birthday, wedding, and baby cards to be sure! Not to mention gift bags, wrapping paper, party paper plates, cups, invitations and flags!

See the celebration art and links from 40 participating artists here!


4) A Few Highlights from Last Year


We have been burning through GIGABYTES of bandwidth every month to accommodate the thousands of art pieces that have been uploaded by our talented members and privately shared through the Art Licensing Show. Your sharing preferences means you upload the work once and then simply push a button to share it with the right person, ensuring that each art director sees art that’s meant just for them. No two art directors have the same portfolios to review. Never possible before, but now it is a reality that can shave hours off of your marketing time.


We published a beautiful coloring book that has been downloaded nearly seven thousand times and shared ALL over the world reaching into places like hospitals, care groups, art classrooms and stressed-out art director’s conference tables. It’s still being passed around and the 70 artists that earned a spot in the book can now get printed and published copies on Amazon.


Together we have attracted top art directors from every type of product category–from greeting cards, to fabric, home decor, giftware, toys, books, calendars, and so many more!


We are not agents, but we do hear from members that many deals have been made or are in the making. We are here to give you a forum to connect with art directors and privately show your art. Many members have told us amazing stories of the connections they are making on this site and the deals getting inked. It’s rewarding to know they are launching their licensed art products all over the world. If you are among these hard working members, your online networking skills are paying off.


We are a full-fledged social media site focused entirely on art licensing. It’s a time saver for you and an investment in your art career. Relationships, connecting, striking up conversations is the name of the game in art licensing and the Art Licensing Show gives you the chance to take it to the next level. Making, uploading and introducing NEW art to the companies who are continually asking “What’s Next?” is key to your success! Showing up at the Art Licensing Show often bumps you to the front of the line. You are doing what it takes to get your work seen!


You are supported by an amazing team of behind-the-scenes experts. Please give a shout out to our Art Licensing Show developers and programmers, this is not possible without them. They work on making this site the best it can be every day. Also, thank you to to all the volunteers who have stepped up to lead a group, host a chat, give advice and feedback to me or another members along the way. You are ALL amazing and that is what makes this community such a wonderful place to be. You deserve a big round of applause!


Art Licensing Show Valerie Hart and Annie Troe - 1st Anniversary


Art Licensing Show - 1st Year Anniversary!

Special thanks to Traci BixbyLeslie Ann ClarkJan GerardiValerie HartMadeline Faiella and Sarah Frederking who brought their characters together to make our birthday banner!



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