Puck Selders was the winner of the Art Licensing Show’s, First Anniversary Party drawing this past Spring! Her winning package included an extra one year gift subscription added to her ALSC membership, three marketing strategy sessions with ALSC founder
& Art Marketing Coach, Cherish Flieder and a feature as a LIMELIGHT ARTIST on our blog today!!


Puck Selders is a freelance illustrator and designer working out of her home studio — in the Netherlands! After graduating in 2000 from The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, where she studied fashion and textile design, she got her first job working in-house as a baby wear designer at Sign-D studio in Leiden. She’s worked freelance for V&D, Teidem and Zeeman. And she’s also currently a freelance designer for another Dutch company, Verbeek Designs. A design studio that creates images for interior wallpapers, upholstery and gift wraps for the paper industry.

She also enjoys children´s books, dancing mambo, theater, the beach, being outside, art and fashion. She shares it all with her partner and her 2 wonderful children, a son Jimi who will turn three in December and a daughter Tessa who is 7 years old. “They inspire me a lot, the funny things they say and their honesty, like, ‘No mum, that color lipstick is just too ugly!’ And I love my daughters’ fantasy so much. She makes up the most amazing little stories…




I’ve always loved everything cute, funny, joyful, kids, beautiful colors, fabrics, stationery… So creating cute and happy stuff is just really me. And I have really creative parents too. My mom can paint, design gardens, sew, design clothes and so much more!”

After working in-house for 13 years, Puck decided it was time to go freelance and focus more or pattern design and illustration. She loves the variety of different assignments that freelancing provides. It’s also helping her to grow more — as an artist. And the Art Licensing Show is helping Puck’s entrance into art licensing with her whimsical art and designs.

Creating cute and joyful art does have it’s perks as a full time job. But then, sometimes life shows up in unexpected ways… Like when Puck’s sister Floortje asked for a special card designed for her as she was undergoing her Cancer treatment. Puck was of course happy to support her sister and came up with the card design, “Cancer Messed with the Wrong Diva”. Then her sister asked if she could make a whole series of cards for people who were dealing with an illness. So, this is a greeting card collection that Puck is currently designing and working on. The universe works in mysterious ways for artists and how we support the people we love and others with our art.

Thank you Puck for sharing a glimpse of your whimsical and cute world of art! And many blessings, health and happiness to your sister Floortje.

Art Directors and manufacturers are invited to open a complimentary account to view Puck Selders’s portfolio on

Puck Selders ALSC


To see more of Puck’s Art Licensing portfolio, CLICK HERE!

8 responses to All Things Cute & Joyful with illustrator & designer Puck Selders

  1. SUPER duper cute illos!!!

  2. Very cute and adorable work Puck! I just love seeing your designs! And congrats on winning the anniversary drawing. xoxo

  3. So proud of my sisters work, always have been!! It is great to see I’m not the only one who thinks her work is great fun!

  4. Great post and such FUN designs!

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