Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing
Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing

The images I create are licensed to manufactures in the stationery, gift, and fabric markets. My successes range from well received designs for Christmas cards, baby bedding, rugs and bags, to paintings sold to individuals. The juvenile market is a particularly strong match for my whimsical designs. I love to convey my “joie de vivre” through my art, and am now incorporating travel to my creative practice as a source of inspiration. My childhood spent in Europe also helped shape my vision, showing me the limitless possibilities, especially when it comes to color and style.

Hallmark Cards hired me after Art College to illustrate greeting cards in their Kansas City main offices. This was an amazing learning experience and an opportunity to create profitable art for the company. I equate it with going to graduate school, as designing for an industry leader helped me form my creative rhythm and blossom as an artist. After a family move, I launched “Trezevant Art” in order to license my designs and exhibit my art in galleries and trade shows nationwide. Several of my paintings are currently in private collections. Although I love creating in embroidery and collage, these latest collections were developed digitally. Illustrator is a program which lends itself well to my approach – I therefore keep adding knowledge to my solid basis.

When I’m not working, I am often in the backcountry of Colorado, or traveling to New Mexico, where there is an immense amount of culture that inspires my works. I continue to strive to communicate the beauty I see while gallivanting, and to collaborate with art directors and manufacturers on compelling projects.

Art Directors and manufacturers are invited to open a FREE account to view Beatrice’s private portfolio on Please email [email protected] for directions.


Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing


Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing


Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing


Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing


Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing


Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing


Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing

Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing


Beatrice Trezevant Art Licensing

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11 responses to Beatrice Trezevant

  1. Very happy designs lovely.

  2. Beatrice, your work is joyful, whimsical, youthful, colorful, and young at heart just like you! Fun, fun, fun– like you, just happy to be around! Your old friend, Paula

  3. Just wonderful fun designs Beatrice! The fun part about this amazing new website is getting to meet lovely new artists and to see their stunningly beautiful artwork! xoxo

  4. Welcome, Beatrice! I love your colors-so happy, Nice to meet you and read your story!

  5. Thank you Ladies. I am so happy that what I try to convey seems to come across in the right way

  6. Your designs are cheerful indeed, Beatrice, and I bet you are too!

  7. Thank you for sharing your fun work, Beatrice! Very nice and playful!

  8. So happy and whimsical, thanks for sharing!

  9. Not only is the design fabulous!, but the colors are perfect!

  10. I love your joyful art! Puts a smile on my face!

  11. It’s a lot of fun to read how other artists direct their careers, and I especially enjoyed reading about yours, Beatrice.

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