I am Michelle Baker, a wife, a mom, a classic rock chick, a lover of lyrics and poetry, and by trade, a graphic designer with over 20 years of experience. 

Michelle-Baker-Art-Licensing-ShowWorking from my lakeside studio in Southern New Hampshire, I produce designs for greeting, giftware and home decor products. I pride myself on bold, balanced compositions that call on limited palettes. Working with high contrast design elements and employing well-placed type, objects and embellishments, I can offer my clients a huge selection of color choices for their surface design needs. I love to incorporate hand-rendered elements in my work, but everything is brought together digitally, so each piece is available in multiple file formats, layered Photoshop files and often, as vector art. BUT ENOUGH about ME! What about you? Please get in touch and let me know what your design needs are! I’ve got a feeling we could brew up something brilliant!

Art Directors and manufacturers are invited to open a FREE account to view Michelle’s exclusive images on ArtLicenisngShow.com. Please email [email protected] for one-time registration details.









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10 responses to Michelle Baker

  1. What beautiful designs!

  2. Fantastic style… very inspiring

  3. Very pretty, Michelle!

  4. Looks awesome! Michelle, you are so talented!

  5. I am really drawn to the baby designs! Super cute <3

  6. Thank you! Really appreciate the kind words! :)

  7. What wonderful work! Love it!

  8. Love the simplicity and it’s impact.

  9. Indeed, the lettering is gorgeous!

  10. Beautifully executed lettering,clever as can be and fun, fun ,fun! What a winning combination! Bravo!

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