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Art makes me tick. I am an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. A business owner for 17+ years.

Annie-Troe-ArtLicensingShowWhy? Because I am passionate about creating for you. The cool thing about where I am now in my career is the experience I bring to the table. I have really found the perfect marriage in licensing art for products. It is a business where I get to ‘marry’ hand done art with the graphic design and setup. The things I love to do the most! A bit of background: Art has always been a passion for me – won a couple of awards in high school. Went to Iowa State University and studied art and graphic design. I was the lead designer for a publishing company. Ran the graphic design department for a printer, and now work for myself. Won logo design and t-shirt design contests. I have illustrated children’s poems and sell original paintings. You can find me smack dab in the middle of the United States in Omaha Nebraska. Recently I signed with Artistic Designs Group. I am very excited to be teaming up with them! It will allow me to create even more art for licensing. I wake up every day excited to get to work – it doesn’t get any better than that! Let us know how we can be of help to you.

Art Directors and manufacturers are invited to open a FREE account to view Annie’s art licensing portfolio on Please email [email protected] for one-time registration details.

AnnieTroe-DaisyField-AnnieTroe-HalloweenCC-Art-Licensing-Show     AnnieTroe-SpotALady-Art-Licensing-Show     AnnieTroe-pearSlice-Art-Licensing-Show     AnnieTroe-MySunshine-Art-Licensing-Show     AnnieTroe-HalloweenCC-Art-Licensing-Show     AnnieTroe-CatDog-Art-Licensing-Show

View Annie Troe’s Art Licensing Show profile to see more!


Art Licensing Chatter - 2nd Thurs Art Licensing Show GroupAnnie is also heading up a NEW group called “2nd Thursdays” where members can gather live and “chatter”
about the licensing business. Join in!

23 responses to Annie Troe

  1. Hi Annie, love to see your success! You were one of the first people I met in NYC when I went to explore the industry and you have always been so gracious and sweet! Love being a part of the group. Thanks for sharing your lovely art!! hugs!

    • LAURA!!! Hugs! I can’t believe how time flies! Will you be at Surtex this year?! If yes, Say Hi! I now have a big gray streak in my hair ;-) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting <3

  2. Hi Ann!!!

  3. I love seeing your smiling face peering out of that yellow bug.

  4. Your art is as fun and catchy as your bug (the bug on wheels)! Congrats on teaming up with Artistic Designs Group!

    • Hi Sue! Thanks so much! I am THRILLED to be with Artistic Designs Group <3 The yellow bug is my second one, my daughter (19) has my red one! ;-)

  5. Absolutely love the energy and fun in your artwork!! And the yellow bug that you drive is so cool! Best wishes to you Annie!

  6. This is a wonderful promo for your art, Annie! You seem to always be having fun and it shows in your work! You go girl!

  7. Hello Annie. My name is Reyes. I am 16 and am a digital artist and I also do a lot of 3D modeling work. I would really appreciate if you could help me expand my business or give me some advice about what to do to get my work out there. Please let me know if you have time to chat with me.Thanks,Reyes.

  8. What a FABULOUS walk down the Red Carpet, Annie!!! . . . such FUN and unique creations/critters!!! And as always, everything is just so well designed!!! Best Wishes to the coolest bean!!!

    • Joanie! It takes a “Cool Bean” to know a “Cool Bean” – boy does that sound just a bit weird… :-) THANK YOU so much for your amazing comment!

  9. Wonderful, Annie! Congratulations! I want one of those cats.

    • Hey Miss Laura! Thanks bunches for your wonderful comment – I like the skinny cat laying on top of the notepad :-)

  10. Good going! Great presentation. Looking forward to seeing more.

  11. BIG thanks to for such a wonderful post! You da BEST!

  12. Hey Jill and Valerie! I just stumbled on to this post! Thanks so much, your comments really mean a lot :-)

  13. Such a great presentation Annie! Yay for you! Got busy busy all of a sudden and haven’t been able to spend as much time as I want here! Happy February! xoxo

  14. Love your art! Beautiful presentation…can’t wait to join the conversation on 2nd Thursday.

  15. Just the most endearing and appealing art ever! Fresh, unique and absolutely perfect!

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