Licensed artist Joan Beiriger is widely regarded as an expert in art licensing.

Joan Beiriger - Art Licensing ArtistAfter a successful career as an analytical chemist for a National Laboratory and at the same time in the cross-stitch industry, Joan started painting and educating herself about art licensing in the late 1990s. She also embraced the computer, and today is an expert in using Adobe PhotoShop and other applications to manipulate her art for specific products at her licensee’s request. Joan has created a robust body of art collections specifically for use on products. Her art has been licensed for numerous stationery, non-profit funding, gift and home décor products, including greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags, wall décor, glass sun catchers, decorative flags and mailbox wraps. Joan’s popular blog ( features informative articles designed to educate those interested in the art licensing industry. It attracts hundreds of readers each week.

Joan lives in a northern California valley with her husband Bill. She is passionate about licensing her art and is constantly searching for information about the industry. She is a self-taught artist who has dabbled in arts and crafts all her life. She takes pride in creating art for products and partnering with manufacturers to produce trend forward products. Joan particularly loves to paint patriotic and Christmas themes besides flowers, butterflies, and birds which is reflected in many of her designs.

Art Directors and manufacturers are invited to open a FREE account to view Joan’s private art licensing portfolio on Please email [email protected] for directions.





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8 responses to Joan Beiriger

  1. Joan, your work is beautiful and I agree with everyone here that the information you share is so helpful and timely!

  2. Joan, your versatility shows here, with various styles and themes. I consider you a leader in art licensing education and have appreciated your sharing for years! Thank you!

  3. Beautiful work, Joan! I follow you and appreciate all you do for the industry!

  4. Well, thanks a bunch everyone for the kudos. I love to share info about art licensing because artists share back, gives me a chance to research more info about the industry that I am passionate about, and also gives me a chance to meet those that are in the art licensing industry.

  5. I have even heard an art licensing agent say when you want an answer to an industry question: Ask Joan. Joan has a wealth of useful material on her very comprehensive web site, and she is also gracious and kind!

  6. Gorgeous! And of course absolutely perfect for so many categories! Congratulations on this lovely presentation!

  7. JOAN! Such a wonderful range of work and I know there is so much more where that came from!

  8. Such BEAUTIFUL and well crafted work, Joan Beiriger!!! AND so VERY well presented, here on the Red Carpet!!! . . . thank YOU for taking the time to SHARE so much information about licensing, to all of us!!! You are one in a million!!!

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