Virtual Art Licensing Show Tour® is a new place where art licensing artists and agents can connect with art directors and safely show and look at art for the purpose of licensing.

In this video, designer, founder, and CEO Cherish Flieder shows Adobe Photoshop® guru and textile artist member Sherry London some of the ins and outs of how to navigate and use the site.

Learn about…

  • The difference between the Membership Directory grid and list views.
  • Key areas on your profile to promote your company.
  • How to update your profile page details.
  • How to manage your email account, password, and email notifications.
  • Where to manage your membership subscription.
  • What you need to do to make your portfolio page branded and ready to frame your art presentation using “Portfolio Style.”
  • How to upload and edit collections.
  • How to upload and manage pieces.
  • Steps to share your collections and pieces with key art directors.
  • Intro to groups and how they work.
  • Basic info on Current, Activity, Connection Requests, Notifications, and Messages features.
  • Where to find help and updates on the site.
  • What the site looks like from the art director / licensee perspective.
  • Tips on preparing your art for the portfolio.
  • Plus much more!

  We hope you find this training valuable in setting up your account and utilizing this new tool to your best advantage. To learn more about this project, please visit

Demo - How to use your Art Licensing Show account

Connect with Sherry and Cherish on the ALSC site:

Sherry London Art Licensing Show Profile:

Cherish Flieder’s Art Licensing Show Profile:


7 responses to {BETA} Virtual Art Licensing Show Tour with Cherish Flieder & Sherry London

  1. Thank you for the informative and fun tour Cherish and Sherry!

  2. Invaluable! I`m going to listen to the 2nd half again every day until I really grasp it. Your voices are great and come through very clear. What resolution are you suggesting that we save our 1000 x 1000 images? ARe you saying they should be at 300 dpi so that ADs can print them? Thanks you two!

    • Hi Stephie!
      Your pieces should be uploaded as 72 ppi so the load quickly on the web. When companies need high resolution files they can ask you for them. 1000 px X 1000 px would be the max size recommended (they do not need to be square). This is large enough for them to print an idea to for internal consideration. All the file specifications can be found here:

  3. Thank you Joan! I’m pleased to hear that it was helpful. Yes, feel free to spread the word. We don’t open for members again until March 23rd, but if they get on the email list, they will be the first to know what’s going on inside and how they can be a part of it.

    All of the info regarding this project can be found at

  4. A question regarding our public profile… I’m assuming it’s not actually public to the internet, rather to people who sign up for an account with If that is the case, how do we direct folks from our artists’ websites to our art licensing show profile directly, without causing confusion, redirects, etc… would be great to have a guide or something for that! Thanks!

  5. Fantastic video Cherish!!! Great to have you explain how the site works for artists and for art directors. I especially liked how to share art as collections and as pieces with individual art directors. Also thanks for your participation and questions Sherry! This video is public on youtube. Does that mean that we can go ahead and use it to promote the ALSC site to both artists and art directors?

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