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Jill Meyer is a nationally recognized artist, who works in a broad variety of media, and is highly skilled in making and formatting digital art as well.

Jill-Meyer Jill’s style is very unique, versatile and on trend and her themes cover all of the bases for your licensing needs. Her style can range from sophisticated to whimsical, and everything in between. Her artwork and articles have often appeared in books and national magazines. Her education includes a degree in art from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Southern California. While Jill’s career as an artist began while she was in Kindergarten, her artistically expressed passion for shape and color have continued throughout her life and have been revealed in many different approaches to art. Products with her licensed designs, across a wide variety of categories, have long been featured for sale worldwide. Jill works in her in home studio in Studio City, California. She resides with her husband Dave, and Polka Dot, the world’s cutest doggie. Categories in which Jill currently has licenses include: fine art, greeting cards, stationery products, journals, gift tags, home decor, decorative textiles, boxed cards, ornaments, rubber stamps, needle work, giftware, metal giftware, floor coverings, flags and banners. She hopes to continue creating images which evoke emotion and stir a response as they speak to the viewer.

Art Directors and manufacturers are invited to open a FREE account to view Jill’s 1,500+ protected images on ArtLicenisngShow.com. Please email [email protected] for directions.


jill meyer-1606 On the Fencejill meyer-1585 Garden Memoir Rosejill meyer-1581 Buy the Shoesjill meyer-1578B Christmas bikejill meyer-1556 Pavot cinqjill meyer-1549 By the Seajill meyer-1460 Postcard 1jill meyer-1404C French Peony Black Chalkjill meyer-1363B bookick-up-your-heels-Jill-Meyerjill meyer-1294C Sea Horse

Visit Jill Meyer’s profile to see more!

45 responses to Jill Meyer

  1. You have a beautiful body of work here Jill.

  2. So inspiring! I can see each one on a finished product. Beautiful.

  3. B E A U T I F U L portfolio, Jill . . . Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  4. Sorry I did not get over here sooner Jill! Just beautiful work and and amazing portfolio you have! xoxo

  5. Your art is to die for, Jill! As I scroll down I’m oohing and aahing louder and louder!

  6. Wow, incredible! Thanks for the examples of watermarking too.

  7. Stunning work, Jill!

  8. Hello Jill nice to meet you and see your lovely art work.

  9. Love it Jill!

  10. Beautiful!

  11. Really spectacular work Jill…very innovative as always! You are really prolific

  12. Simple gorgeous work Jill.

  13. Great work Jill, your hard work shows

  14. Fantastic! Love the energy in your images! <3

  15. Beautiful !!!

  16. Thanks for sharing! I love your work!

  17. LOVELY work . . . thanks so much for sharing!!!

  18. Beautiful work, so fun to see these portfolios going up!

  19. Beautiful work!! Love the one about the shoes! haha!!

  20. Congratulations Jill – love your work you are an inspiring talent.

  21. So lovely…and upbeat!

  22. lovely work, jill.

  23. So beautiful and fun. Love it.

  24. Beautiful artwork! Thanks for being a beta tester, too!

  25. Gorgeous!

  26. Great job, Jill! I’m so impressed, both with your art and the fact that you have all this uploaded already!

  27. Inspires me to no end! Beautiful stuff!

  28. Beautiful! Very exciting and hope I can join up with y’all

  29. Beautiful, whimsical art, love it!!

  30. Outstanding work, Jill!

  31. Stunning images!

  32. Vibrant, cheerful and very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Awesome !

  34. Beautiful!

  35. Beautiful inspiring images. Your work is extraordinary. I love it all.

  36. Wonderful, lovely designs, Jill!

  37. Very nice

  38. Nice work Jill!

  39. You are inspiring! Thank you for sharing your time and talent!

  40. Fantastic Jill!!! Beautiful work of many themes that are perfect for products.

  41. Fabulous, beautiful images…

  42. Each one a winner!

  43. Beautiful artwork Jill!

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