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Most artists, designers, buyers, manufacturers, and retailers keep a sharp eye on current and emerging trends in the marketplace. And more than likely your business depends on watching these market trends. Everyone would like to get in on the beginning of a trend and ride the sales wave! Today on the blog we have JJ Galloway who runs the Trends group on the Art Licensing She’s sharing her insights on some recent trends that she’s seen and researched lately.


A trend that has been around for a little while and is I believe growing and growing is inspirational quotes and hand lettering. For Fall/Winter 16/17 we’re seeing a bit of a farmhouse twist in the inspirational art. Some are calling it ”Electic Farmhouse.” I’ve also heard the term “Modern Farmhouse” too. In that same strain…we’re seeing a huge surge in gallery walls that include quotes or just text.


I recently read this quote in the Daily Mail… Lorna McAleer brand manager of fabric and blind supplier Style Studio ’Bring words as well as patterns into the home – on walls, on blinds and with typographical wall art.’ Typography could be a single oversized letter or a series of themed words printed direct to blinds, curtains and other home accessories. ’Including photography and phrases create greater personalization.’


Religious quotes are also huge, and there will always be a market for them.

A word of caution, make sure you give credit where credit is due to the author of the quotes you’re illustrating. You can look at the two attached links for information on copyright and trademarks. or

I’ve also attached a link to the a Papaya art catalogue. These folks are all about the quotes and illustrations. It’s not so much farmhouse, but still fits in this trend.

There are great lettering online courses you can take on Creative Live. Here is the link to that site:

Check out the trend board in the Trends Group that I put together to get a better idea of what I’m talking about! Enjoy!


And we wouldn’t miss a chance to showcase some of our own ALSC members who have art that fit into Trend categories. Michelle Baker has lots of great chalkboard art. To view her complete portfolio — Click Here!  And Jennifer Wambach’s inspirational quote was from one of the ALSC Monthly Art Challenges several months ago. To view more of Jennifer’s ALSC portfolio — Click Here!

All images used for this trend report are for editorial purposes only.

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  1. GREAT post!!

  2. Love this post and the beautiful art!

    • Thank you for this inspiring report. It is terrific that you are sharing with the group so we can all grow and prosper. “Together we are Stronger”!

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